Brooklyn Five-Piece Earthquake Lights Deliver the Blissful Embrace of Melody & Poetic Intimacy Combined, with ‘Another Star’.

Organic sound-design and divinely expressive vocals make up the enchanting new single from established alternatives Earthquake Lights. 

Releasing on July 7th, featuring dreamy layers of strings, meandering and warming bass, subtle riffs and crisp, light hi-hats and rhythms, ‘Another Star’ encapsulates the shining presence implied by its title, and simultaneously raises the bar further still for the globally renowned five-piece. 

Following the continued success of their 2019 debut album ‘Distress Signals’, Earthquake Lights have rightfully been building a name for themselves; amassing millions of streams and counting, and topping the charts with critically acclaimed singles like ‘Desert Bloom’. 

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Earthquake Lights have spent much of the past year dropping one new single every two months (at the very least). However, with the notable hiatus from this routine of late, fans are anxious to delve into the next new instalment. As such, the highly anticipated single will no doubt break records previously set by the band’s releases, and given the astute and skilful presentation of everything from the lyrics to the arrangement to the intimate and honest performance, ‘Another Star’ will be everything their expanding audience could hope for. 

Stylishly blending organic pop-rock and jazz layers of finely crafted instrumentation, with smooth and delicately expressive vocals, the band’s music transcends the limits of genre by creating ethereal, atmospheric journeys – the likes of which poetically access many of the depths of the human experience. Nowhere do these qualities stand taller than throughout the calming embrace and beauty of ‘Another Star’

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Written by Peter Jones