Brooks Way speak up for the first time since their removal from The X Factor

Brooks Way’s fans were shocked when they were pulled from the first live show hours before their performance on The X Factor. It wasn’t just the fans, even the contestants from the show were shocked, with Bradley and Ottavio, also known as Bratavio, saying that Brooks Way’s removal from the show was “heartbreaking”.

Brooks Way have spoken up for the first time since their exit from the show.

According to The Digital Spy,

A week after the live shows, speaking to The Sun, Josh has vowed to seek help after describing his relationship with ex-girlfriend Amelia Clark as “volatile and toxic”

Josh admitted that he had a ‘volatile’ relationship with his ex-girlfriend Amelia Clark. Speaking of his relationship, he said,

“We were arguing all the time. It wasn’t great — then things got physical. There was one situation that got really hostile.

“Even though I didn’t ever hit her, it’s still not OK.

“I understand it is totally out of order and I’m really, really sorry that I didn’t walk away.

“I allowed things to get to that point and it’s not acceptable.

“From the bottom of my heart, I am really, really sorry.”

The duo took to their official Twitter account to explain Josh’s position. Defending Josh, Kyle Brooks tweeted,

Josh is sincerely apologetic for the things he’s done. And takes full responsibility, but not once did josh use his fists against anyone.

And in my opinion…no person needs to explain themselves for mistakes they made when they were a child.”

The Brooks were replaced by Four Of Diamonds who performed their rendition of You Keep Me Hangin’ On last night.

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