Bry Releases ‘You’re Alright’ Music Video

Irish singer-songwriter Bry has released the second single from his upcoming self-titled album. The music video for the single, called ‘You’re Alright’, also dropped today.

The video begins by showing Bry’s character in a happy relationship. Things start to go wrong, and he begins to experiment with his appearance. He tries more stereotypically feminine things, including a flowered shirt, mascara, eyeshadow and nail polish. After a night out, he gets physically bullied for for his appearance. His partner puts aside all the fighting and is comforting and accepting in the end.

The music video is a personal narrative for Bry, even though he himself only appears in the video for a few seconds! Bry has said it is about his personal struggles with masculinity and self-expression. Aside from the scene where he gets beaten up, the video is based on true events where people have judged Bry based on the way he chooses to present himself.

In addition to that storyline, there seems to be other interpretations of the song. Bry has said that the song is dedicated to his sister Fiona, when she was very ill a couple of years ago.

Our very first taste of this song was actually back in spring 2015! Bry performed the song with his friend and fellow musician Dodie Clark, and posted it on his YouTube channel. It’s interesting to see how the song has evolved since then.

In case you haven’t heard, Bry has recently been announced as the supporting act for twenty one pilot’s European tour this fall! Bry will be opening up for the band on all 17 dates of ‘The Emotional Roadshow’ this October and November. This was massive news for the singer, as only a year ago he supported Tyler and Josh at a show in Belfast, and stated it was his “number one career highlight”. Bry and his wife Candice made a video on their YouTube channel telling the full story of how Bry was chosen as the support act for this tour.

Last week, Bry’s debut album ‘Bry’ went up for preorder on iTunes. It is set to come out on November 11th, 2016. The cover art and the tracklist have also been revealed.

Bry Releases 'You're Alright' Music Video 1

  1. Disarm

  2. Hope You’re Listening

  3. Care

  4. Everything

  5. Your Life Over Mine

  6. Adventure Time

  7. You’re Alright

  8. Fall in Place

  9. Don’t Go Alone

  10. Pieces

If you preorder Bry’s album on iTunes, you will receive ‘You’re Alright’, as well as the first single that was released in April, ‘Don’t Go Alone’.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.