It looks serious this time!

Bryan Silva gets into trouble!

2016 did not start very well for Bryan Silva. Law enforcement officials from Virginia Police department arrested the social media personality on 3rd January, 2016. 25-year old Silva, known for his bizarrely humorous vines, has been “charged with abduction and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon,” as reported by Newsplex.

After receiving a call on Sunday morning, police started their investigation which led them to Silva’s house where he was holding a yet to be identified girl against her will. She told police that Silva had “threatened her with a handgun,” and that “he had threatened to shoot the police,” as reported by Newsplex.

“It was a domestic disturbance,” Police Chief Tim Longo told reporters at a press conference. “A female caller said that she was threatened with a fire arm, we responded and began an investigation.”

Bryan Silva uploaded some pictures on Facebook of his standoff with the police.

Bryan Silva gets into trouble! 1

This is not the first time that Silva has been arrested. In an interview with Complex, Silva said that he’d been “locked up for three years” for “breaking and entering” and “hitting [his] school principal.”

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