Exclusive talk with Bryce Vine

CelebMix got to exclusively talk with up-and-comer Bryce Vine and we instantly fell in love with his personality and music! Check him out for yourself!

Describe to us your style of music.
My best friend said it’s like if Kid Cudi, Outkast, and Blink 182 got drunk and had a jam session.

You have over 3 MILLION views on Spotify. How does that feel?
Seems a little low but we’ll get there ;)

Hoodie Allen, Karmin, Ludacris and more are artist you have toured with. Who is one artist dead or alive, you would love to tour with?
Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, Twenty One Pilots, Chris Brown

Tell us about your EP “Night Circus.
It’s a slightly darker, more mature group of songs for me. I wrote a lot of them from a very different mindset than I usually do. The subject matter varies – “Bang Bang” has to do with the Ferguson riots while “Nowhere Man” talks about a longing to explore the world. I can’t write about fun and partying too much without getting sick of myself.

Your song “Sour Patch Kids” is an ode to the 1990s. What about that decade is so special to you?
It was a much simpler time for me. I loved the music, the shows, the movies, the cartoons. There was no social media so people weren’t staring at cellphone screens all day. You see the world in such a different way as a child, there’s a charm to the memory of simpler time and the 90s were that simpler time for me.

Any celebrity crushes?
Arielle Vandenburg

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