BTS Announces The 2017 Wings Tour

BTS have announced The 2017 Wings Tour through a breathtaking artistic trailer. It is safe to say that it is ethereal. Each member is shown in a series of clips and they continue to depict the themes from the album teaser trailer. With the countless amount of symbolism throughout the trailer, it will take at least ten replays to pick out all the details. Fans also get a stunning remix of ‘Wings’ accompanied in the background.

The tour will begin in Seoul for two nights from February 18th-19th. More shows are to be announced at a later date (if it follows from their last tour, we may be getting dates tomorrow!). BTS have recently topped the Billboard 50 which highlights their US success. This will hopefully lead to North American and European dates

The first night of tour falls on Hoseok’s birthday. This means we can expect videos of the entire stadium singing happy birthday to him! Let us know if you will be attending the BTS tour over on twitter @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix