Will BTS Be Having An August Comeback?

BTS are known for being sneaky when it comes to their comebacks, but fans may have just cottoned onto a hint as to when the boys will be back.

‘Flower Smeraldo’ is a blog ran by the florist ‘Testesso’ about the imaginary flower ‘Smeraldo’. Testesso announced in August 2017 announced that they would be opening their shop in September of 2017…the month that BTS released the first instalment of the Love Yourself series ‘Love Yourself: Her’. The flower has now become symbolic of the series after appearing on both the ‘Her’ and ‘Tear’ albums.

After a year of remaining silent the blog has now become active again. With a revamped website featuring the BTS logo in the cover photo and the colour schemes associated with the series, the Smeraldo store was ready to relaunch. Testesso stated that they are now preparing to open the specialist shop in late August. The announcement has sent ARMY theorists into overdrive leading fans to believe that BTS will indeed be having a second comeback this year after the record breaking ‘Love Yourself: Tear’, which was released May 18th 2018.

So ARMY, do you believe the Smeraldo theory to be true? Tweet the CelebMix account to let us know your theories.

Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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