BTS Call To ARMYs: It’s Comeback Time!

Salute ARMYs, are you ready?! Just a couple of weeks after dropping their new Japanese full album Face Yourself, including fresh new tracks like Don’t Leave Me and Let Go (that got everyone crying for their beautiful voices), BTS recently announced the official date for their comeback!

On May 18, the South Korean boy band will release the second chapter of the Love Yourself saga, Tear, preceded by the 8-minute long video Euphoria, for the Wonder chapter, that many had believed to be the next album itself (check the video below!).

But, as we know, BigHit loves to surprise ARMYs and revealed the video to be just that, a passage between the two releases, Her and Tear, the first being an EP and the second one being an actual full album, with a darker theme as RM has said in many interviews.

The announcement dropped on April 17, just a day before the pre-orders for the album began, this time also on famous shops like Amazon and Target, an important achievement for the K-pop band and genre. However, BTS had already broken records on the first online retail with their last EP, Love Yourself: Her, the first South Korean album to be available for pre-order on the site.

Their success continues, as the yet to be released full album has already reached the top of Amazon’s Best Selling Albums chart, and we can’t help but wonder (get it?) if this album will beat their previous records on globally known charts like Billboard’s.

On the matter, isn’t it kinda interesting how this year’s Billboard Music Awards will be held just a couple of days after the Top Social Artist winner’s comeback? As many of you probably remember, thanks to their dedicated fans, BTS ended Justin Bieber’s dominance in the category by winning the prize for their favourites and made them become the first K-pop group to win such a prize in this important ceremony. And as the seven-member group has already had its American television debut by performing at the 2017 AMAs (and right before Diana Ross, can you believe it?!), who’s to say there can’t be more to this?

Either way, this next album is gonna be massive and it will definitely be everything ARMYs want and even more! In the meantime, as soon as possible, remember to vote for BTS for this year’s BBMAs, as they’ve been nominated for Top Social Artist for the second year in a row!

With the achievements the band has already obtained since January (let’s not forget about Hope World, right?!), this year sounds like it’s gonna be BTS’s, and we’re sure ARMYs are gonna make it even better! What do you think? Are you excited for the album? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @ CelebMix!

Written by Thatswhatiam98

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