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BTS Fans Tell CelebMix Why They Love Suga (Min Yoon-gi) in Celebration of His 25th Birthday

March 9th marks BTS’s Suga’s (Min Yoon-gi) 25th birthday and based on posts uploaded to the group’s official Twitter account (@BTS_twt), it seems as if he already celebrated with the other members.

The guys have been posting about Suga all day, with Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin uploading adorable pictures of him on Twitter, followed by a series of sweet messages. J-Hope also shared a video of himself surprising Suga with a birthday cake adorned with candles, which you can watch below.

To celebrate Suga’s birthday, CelebMix asked the BTS ARMY to send in messages telling us why they love him. Here are their responses:

Kim-Loan | 18 | France @problemalec “I wish you the happiest birthday on earth (we are birthday buddies haha). Please be healthy, eat well and be happy for the rest of your life. Thank you for your hard work and for talking about meaningful issues for me such as mental struggles and depression, you have helped me a lot. Lots of love. Hwaiting!”

Elif | 20 | Turkey @femininyoongs “I love Yoongi because he can save a lot of people just by using his music. He appeared in my darkest time and saved me like a knight in shining armor. He taught me that its okay to be myself and to follow my dreams. I love him with all my soul and i hope he is resting, sleeping and eating well. I love you so so much Yoongi and i wish you the happiest birthday??


Chiara | 18 | Italy @grumpyoongid “Yoongi is so genuine, so caring towards his members and his fans and is not afraid to stand for what he believes. He has been through so much but he never gave up on his dreams, and honestly it’s so inspiring. He literally lights up my life, just thinking of him makes me smile. I wish him the best of the birthdays and hope he can celebrate with his loved ones. I love him with all of my heart?

Rachel | 17 | Ontario, Canada @rachel_cecilia “Min Yoongi is an amazing role model to look up to. I think he’s truly amazing by the challenges he overcame and is putting it out in the public eye to show other people it’s possible to live life after such challenges. He stands up for what is right and supports a lot of things that people will look down on. He stays true to himself and is trying to make a voice for the newer generation. This is why I love and support Min Yoongi.”

Cindy | 15 | USA @RAPLINEJlMIN “I don’t think I can put into words how much I love Suga. He has so many layers to his personality and they all add up to create this wonderful human being! He’s so passionate about music and there isn’t a time where he isn’t putting his heart and soul into it. He’s such a hard worker and I hope he gets to spend his birthday with the people he loves. Happy Birthday, Yoongi! Eat a lot of cake for me!”

Syira | 25 | Malaysia @RMirqin “Happy Birthday min yoongi..and to myself coz im born just 5 day after you being born..?i always want to thank you to always give me the simples way to love myself and also teach me how to accept other..and i hope you can be the happiest person on planet along with your family?i love u yoongi.”

Skye | 17 | England @younvrwalkalone “Honestly, I love everything about yoongi. The hardwork he puts into his music, the way he overcame his struggles and just him as a person. He makes me stay strong and makes me laugh. Happy birthday to one of the most talented people ?.”

Via | 16 | Indonesia.@vsuxxxga “I love bangtan especially yoongi. i love his personality, i dont care if other people saying that yoongi is cold because i love him no matter what, he makes me feel so happy when i see his smile. he is the sweetest person. maybe words arent enough to describe why i adore him so much. happy birthday for yoongi, im hoping for only good and better days for himself and BTS. always be happy yoongi. thank you for being exist.”

Crisse | 13 | Philippines @jdawon_ssi I love it when you smile and laugh. It’s like the rarest thing ever that’s why I need to cherish it for a very long time, forever. I love it when you sleep. You look so peaceful and angelic. I love it when I see you do your music passionately. I love it when you do aegyo. You look so cold-hearted outside but when I knew more of you, you are so soft. I love your perfect imperfections, edges and sides. Thank you, Min Yoongi for being my inspiration. Thank you, Suga for making me laugh, smile, cry and choke. I love you My Gummy??? ??? ?.”

Happy Birthday Suga, from BTS ARMY. x?

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Photo Credits: BTS Official Facebook Page

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