BTS’ member Jungkook has finally graduated

BTS’ youngest member and the 97 liner Jeon Jungkook has finally graduated. When BTS debuted in 2013, Jungkook dropped college for a year to prepare for group’s debut. He enrolled in SOPA (School of Performing Arts-Seoul) in the year 2014.

When Jungkook first enrolled for his high school education, he took the whole group and his parents along with him to attend the ceremony. This time too, he did not forget his bandmates. As per Koreaboo, Dispatch followed Jungkook to capture the moments from his graduation ceremony.

From his graduation ceremony to the after party, Dispatch did a great job in building a great narrative. It was actually a recreation of the scene from the year 2014. The only difference was that in 2014, Jungkook began his journey and in 2017, he is ending it.

During his graduation ceremony at SOPA, Jungkook was awarded an Achievement award for his successful debut and contribution to the school’s prestige. With courtesy to Dispatch, here are some pictures from Jungkook’s graduation ceremony:

Jungkook receiving his diploma and graduation photo book.

He cannot hide his excitement! He hardly expresses his happiness so openly. So, let’s just be excited with him.


Jungkook receiving an Achievement award.


As mentioned earlier, Jungkook started his academic journey at SOPA in the year 2014. The whole group went together to a restaurant to celebrate the occasion. This time too, the boys got together and went to the same place to celebrate the end of this beautiful chapter in Jungkook’s life:


Jungkook has really grown up. This year, fans got to see a mature Jungkook and he is ageing gracefully. We wish him good health and great success for the future.

With BTS releasing You Will Never Walk Alone today, this youngest maknae have got a lot of reasons to celebrate. As per Koreaboo, Jungkook left a message for people graduating this year:

“There are going to be people who are heading to university, and there are those who are going to go straight into work.I hope they take steps towards their dreams, though. After being in the work field for a while, I realized that hard work pays off. Put on some “WINGS” with BTS’s new songs.”

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