BTS, Neymar and other celebrities join Beats for Studio3 Wireless “1 of 1” campaign

It’s an artist’s perception towards their art that gives their work an “individuality”. When we think about our favourite artists or any individual that means a lot to us, we always try to list down things that make them “unique”. Beats by Dre is trying to do something similar.

The “1 of 1 Campaign”

Today, Beats celebrated 100 artists and athletes through their one of a kind campaign.

Promoting their flagship headphones “Studio3 Wireless”, they decided to personalize their campaign through the launch of customized headphones. As reported by Highsnobiety,

Each headphone will be 1 of 1, as they will all feature unique designs tailored to each talent’s favorite motivational mantra. It celebrates how each artist exemplifies the “one of one” spirit in their own individual way.

For this project, Beats collaborated with Shaun Crawford who met artists onsite to discuss their ideas and imprint them on headphones. The brand recorded the complete process, which you can check out in the video below:

Wondering who made it onto Beats’ list?

Neymar, Dreymond Green and BTS, to name a few. Neymar and Dreymond took to Instagram to share their 1 of 1 mantra.

Beats make sure to include everyone who have been influencing their audience. They made a smart move by adding BTS in the frame. The group took to Twitter to share their custom headphones set to promote their latest concept “Love Myself”.

Beats is claiming Studio3 Wireless to be its most advanced headphones to date. What do you think about it? Did you like the concept? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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