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Photo Credits: @bts_bighit via Twitter

BTS Performed a Rock Version of “DNA” at the 2017 KBS Song Festival and We’re Still Not Over It

Yes, you read that right. K-Pop sensation BTS performed a rock version of their hit single “DNA” at this year’s KBS Song Festival.

The performance was a result of BTS using a live band for each of the songs on their setlist, which included Spring Day, Lost, Cypher pt. 4, DNA and Not Today. While the addition of the live band gave each of these songs a new sound, it especially made “DNA” sound different.

BTS’ Suga teased fans about the group’s unexpected performance on the KBS red carpet. When asked about what fans could expect, Suga said that the group had planned a “very special stage,” and then added that the performance would include an “all live band.”

Of course, we’ve never imagined that BTS would ever change “DNA” from a pop to rock, but now that they have, we can’t get enough of it! Could Fall Out Boy be rubbing off of BTS?

Watch BTS’ full KBS Song Festival performance here!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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