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BTS spend time in L.A. with Vogue

When BTS landed in the United States to bestow their presence, they were not just praised for their manners but also their clothing sense. Looking dapper in black suits, they radiated confidence which led everyone to take note.

BTS at American Music Awards

It’s no secret that the boys are huge fans of brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein and others. The same became pretty evident when they planned a rendezvous with Vogue.

Even this occasion resulted in the group making a record. BTS are now the first K-pop band to book a full-fledged shoot with Vogue. The magazine planned a party themed photo shoot for the boys but that is not it. Vogue made BTS board a bus to help them see and feel L.A. like others see and feel it. In short, it was work and play for BTS, just how you’d imagine it with the members.

7 Perfectionists at Work

Describing each member’s individual preferences in terms of fashion, Vogue explained in its article,

“They are extremely particular about clothes. “They are perfectionists,” a staff member proudly notes five times that day. Hems are cuffed and uncuffed and re-pinned until they hit the ankle just so; Jungkook fusses with a belt to perfect the fit, while Jimin and Suga compare silver chain earrings, left long to brush their collars. Jin walks in promptly, shrugs on a pair of cornflower blue cowboy boots, and sticks a wedge of Castella in his mouth.”

Aura That Makes One Take Note

The magazine took note of each member’s individuality and aura, the driving factor of BTS’ charm as a unit. Mentioning Jungkook, the magazine noted,

“Jungkook, the youngest, is so striking in person, an audible hush falls when he enters, startling him slightly. He heads straight for the makeup chair to wait for his touch-up, singing softly to himself to pass the time.”

Jungkook with Vogue
Credits: Vogue

Rocking their outfits like they always do, the group made the photo shoot successful. Taking on singular colors, all seven members stood out like the seven colors of the rainbow. For the photo shoot, they adorned outfits from Calvin Klein’s Jeans Spring 2018 collection and pulled them off effortlessly..

A Tour to Dave and Buster’s and Summation of Experience in the US

While talking to the magazine about their experience in the United States, the members explained how thankful they were for the opportunity. In the words of Jin, for BTS, “it’s still a dream”. The boys spent the rest of their time at Dave and Buster’s, an adult arcade game chain. As reported by magazine,

“Jungkook and Jin race to the DDR machine and face off, their patent leather cowboy boots darting frantically across the mat. Suga and Jimin reach for a first-person shooting game, while J-Hope and RM start throwing baskets. Across the way, V draws the attention of a small kid—“Mom, they were on TV last night!” the child says—and takes a selfie with him, before turning his attention to a machine where you toss palm-size footballs through different hoops. “Wait, this is really hard!” he says, calling to Jimin to take a turn (Jimin effortlessly throws a few into the correct slots).”

J-Hope, RM and, Suga with Vogue
Credits: Vogue

Vogue described BTS’ energy as “infectious” and we couldn’t agree more. Their energy is one of the biggest reasons why their popularity transcends both language and age.

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