BTS to release ‘The Notes 1’ book in March

After years of fans piecing together their own theories about what is happening in the BTS universe, answers are finally being given as BigHit will be releasing ‘The Notes 1’ book in March.

One of the many, many reasons why ARMYs are so invested in BTS is the narrative that runs through their music videos, and ever since the story line began fans have been creating thousands, and we mean thousands, of theories surrounding what they believe is actually happening within this alternative universe.

‘The Notes 1’ book will be released on March 5th and is available in Korean, Japanese and English, with the book finally giving some clarity and truth to what the story line is.

In addition to this, BigHit have also unveiled the ‘Save Me’ webtoon, which illustrates the narrative further and is available for free.

So ARMYs, how excited are you to finally understand and get answers on what the true story is in the BTS universe? Let us know by tweeting the CelebMix account!

Written by Ellie Nicholas

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