BTS: Top 5 Dance Choreographies

The much awaited Billboard Music Awards is fast approaching. This time, the awards show has a lot of good nominations and we can’t wait to see who takes home a trophy.

For BTS, it has been the year of a lot of “firsts”. The K-Pop group topped the Billboard Charts with their single “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. Now, the group has been nominated under the category of “Top Social Artist” at the Billboard Music Awards. The group is the first K-Pop group to achieve this major feat.

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The band is known for their well planned and synchronized choreographies. Dancing along to the tunes and capturing every beat, the boys can mesmerise anyone with their amazing footwork and facial expressions.

Today, we bring you our top 5 choreographies by BTS:


The song became a huge hit and part of its success lies in its choreography. Since its release, a lot of Fan videos have come up where the same choreography has been used for other songs. Be it K.A.R.D’s “Oh Na Na” or Little Mix’s No “More Sad Songs”, the choreography can cover any track.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

The song brought the band in limelight. The YouTube video has got over 100 million views. With each line, the handwork and footwork works in beautiful coordination and makes a narrative of its own.

No More Dream- Live Version

During their live performance, an extra part was added in the song that acted as a pre-beat drop tune. It was in this song’s performance that fans got to see J-Hope’s prowess as a dancer in entirety.

Spring Day

The debut single from “You Will Never Walk Alone”, Spring Day won everyone’s heart upon its release. Little did fans expected a choreography on this lyrical ballad.


It was rumoured that BTS choreographed the song. The moves are to the point! Unlike most of BTS’ songs where you see the aggressive moves, the song brings out the softer side of the band.

With grace, the boys dance along the tune. Needless to say, the live performance is one of the best performances by the group.

As much as we appreciate the boys for their dance, we should not forget the hard work put in by the choreographers. It takes time and a lot of effort to bring out fresh moves. So, kudos to BTS’ choreographer Son Seongdeuk!

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