BTS’ V surprises fans with latest solo song ‘Winter Bear’

In the heat of the summer, BTS’ V offers fans a warm hug for those slightly colder nights with his latest solo track ‘Winter Bear.’

‘Winter Bear’ tells a sweet tale of wishing the listener to have a good nights sleep. Alongside long term collaborators ADORA, Hiss Noise and band member RM, V has crafted a soft pop-rock ballad that feels like that warm cup of tea before bed, a true lullaby to send you into blissful dreams.

The accompanying music video, which was also directed by V, follows his travels around the world as part of BTS’ Love Yourself tour. The aesthetic shots taken of Europe and the US fits the soft song perfectly and shows that as well as being a fantastic musical artist as an incredibly creative eye when it comes to his photography and filmography.

Outside of the group’s own music, this is V’s second solo song after the gorgeous and haunting Scenery that was released in January. The release date also lines up to the 1,000th day since V crafted the term ‘i purple you’ a term that means to trust and love for a very long time.


You can watch the video for Winter Bear below, and also stream the track on Soundcloud.


Written by Ellie Nicholas

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