C. SHIROCK longs for the easy living of a sunny season in “Come Summer”

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Breezy beaches, perfect pool days and fun summer flings? Well indie pop artist C. SHIROCK fuses all those magical feelings into one in his latest release “Come Summer”.

Radiating with soft, Grecian soundscapes and warm, impassioned vocals, listeners are instantly transported to those fond days of serenity that summer provides. The shimmering track seamlessly illustrates the beauty that sun-soaked season brings while also valuing each time of year for its purpose in our lives.

C. SHIROCK aka Chuck Shirock, formerly the frontman of admired band, SHIROCK, has progressed from his previous work creating a powerful, aching sound that stirs your soul. With rich, anthemic choruses and deeply intimate lyrics, the singer conveys vulnerability and earnestness with every musical offering.

His determined rhythms and elevated melodies make for ideal smart and poignant pop hits a la Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. Taking a leap of faith and going it alone was a much needed change for Shirock. He reveals, “I viewed it as a continuation or an evolution of sorts. It’s been incredibly freeing and liberating to chase whatever turns me on…to create without inhibition.”

Currently based in Los Angeles, C. SHIROCK has lived all over the world residing in the Philippines, Scotland and Nashville. His cultured experiences paired with his upbringing surrounded by creative musicians, has shaped him into the unique artist he is today. 

C. SHIROCK is not only a talented singer, but also a model working with major brands like American Eagle and Hollister. Performing alongside prominent bands such as Twenty One Pilots and Cage The Elephant, he is soaring to success as a solo artist. Check out the vibrancy of “Come Summer” and get lost in the soothing sounds of this glowing single.  

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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