Caitlyn Jenner Sick Of Being A Woman?


Caitlyn will reportedly be transitioning back to Bruce over the autumn. Over the past months Jenner has come out as transgender on an ABC special with Diane Sawyer and revealed that he Had been feeling like a female since childhood. Bruce had then underwent several transitioning surgeries. Jenner then went on to cover the VanityFair as Caitlyn.

Caitlyn Jenner Sick Of Being A Woman? 2Caitlyn has supposedly spoke about this issue in an interview saying the following; “These past few months as Caitlyn has been a wonderful experience for me but being a woman is hard. I’m 65 and i just don’t feel like having to learn a new way of life. I feel like Caitlyn was just a phase and I am glad I realised that before getting Gender Ressingment Surgery.”

E! has reportedly announced that they will air a documentary series titled ‘Getting Back To Bruce’  which will be shown this winter.


Written by CelebMix