Caitlyn Jenner’s New Documentary Airs In The UK

If you’re a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner family or have been following Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation, then you may have been aware of her new show, I am Cait , exclusive on E! The eight-part series shows Caitlyn’s journey through her new life as a woman, broadcasting the highs and the lows of hers and her family’s transition.

The show first aired in the US on the 26th July, premiering a week later in the UK. Debuting to 2.7 million viewers in America. The first episode shows Caitlyn in her first few days of revealing her new self to the media, including her reaction to her appearance on Vanity Fair and news coverage on her transformation. We also got to see Caitlyn’s mother meeting her for the first time, as well as a visit from Kylie and Kimye.

Throughout the episode, Caitlyn voices her concern and heartache over the the rate of suicide among transgender teens who struggled with the same issues Caitlyn has experienced. She also expresses her worries about her level of responsibility in representing the transgender community in today’s society. Speaking directly to her own camera at 4:32am she says “My mind’s just spinning with thoughts. I just hope I get it right. I hope I get it right.”

Towards the end of the episode, Caitlyn is shown visiting the family of a transgender teenager who had committed suicide. This is just one example of the many struggling, transgender teens who Caitlyn is desperate to help. This is something that we are promised more of in the upcoming episodes, the sneak peak at the end of episode 1 shows Caitlyn talking to groups of families of transgender people, and transgender people themselves. I am Cait is already an emotional rollercoaster. Despite Caitlyn’s sadness over the welfare of transgender people around the world, there are also many happy moments which bring as many tears to the eyes as the unhappier parts of the episode.

Caitlyn is shown receiving phone calls of congratulations which very obviously fills her with joy. Especially when Rob Kardashian calls to tell her that she looked beautiful in her first media appearance. The happiness Caitlyn now feels as she can finally express herself is heart-warming, you can almost see the weights fall off her shoulders as she proudly shows off her new wardrobe to step-daughter, Kim, or how content she feels as her hair and makeup team work their magic.

Caitlyn Jenner's New Documentary Airs In The UK 1

The new series promises to be filled with more emotional moments as we follow Cait through new experiences.

Written by CelebMix