Cal Aurand Just Released Some New Photos and We Are Really Missing OTRA

We’ve been having some serious feelings of nostalgia lately when it comes to One Direction and their OTRA tour.  Something about On The Road Again felt like home somehow for the fans who attended the shows.  Even the fans who didn’t get a chance to experience it in person, but were able to follow it on social media, felt how this tour was different.  Perhaps it was the way One Direction went from a 5 piece to a 4 piece, maybe it was the way Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall came together with more strength after the smoke cleared – whatever the reason – OTRA is seemingly impossible to get over.

Cal Aurand, a  photographer that’s given us incredible shots of One Direction, didn’t make that any easier when he added new pics from OTRA to his online portfolio today.  The snaps made us laugh, cry, and reminisce.  The bond formed between One Direction and their fanbase is unlike any other and being part of that team is a special privilege, one that’s sure to grow stronger even while the lads are on their hiatus.

The saying goes, after all, that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

For now though, the distance is quite frankly breaking our hearts, so these photos were a lovely way to take us back to the best days of 2015!


Anyone crying, we’re not – okay…we totally are. 




Louis’ ‘not heartbroken’ shirt was one of our faves.


Did they have to be this perfect?


Are you ready for the hiatus to be over? We are…





So it’s safe to say that we’re thanking our lucky stars for Cal tonight and realizing that we aren’t the only ones missing the boys and seeing them on stage.  You see a sense of comfortability, confidence, and companionship when they’re all together on stage – doing what they love – and it’s just part of what makes being a fan of One Direction so incredible.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.