Calum @ 20: 13 Tattoos and 7 Reasons Why We Love Them

Calum Hood of 5 Seconds of Summer is not only loved because of his undeniably amazing bass playing skills and dorky traits, but also because of his tattoos that he started collecting back in 2013.

As we countdown the days to his 20th birthday, we list down Calum’s beautiful body art collection and the reasons why we love them!

Collectively, ever since his first time in a tattoo parlor in L.A, Calum’s ink count is up to 13:

  • MMXII on his left collar bone
  • Dove with Mali-Koa on his left arm
  • Feather on his right collar bone
  • Skywards on his left arm
  • Horseshoe on his left arm
  • JKH on his left hand
  • DSH on his right hand
  • Native Tribe Headdress on his left bicep
  • Scottish Thistle on his left inner bicep
  • ALIVE on his left wrist (new)
  • Tally Mark on his left arm (new)
  • R on his right ankle (new)
  • Bali Tour ’16 on his left ankle (new)

And the reason why we love these inks on the 5SOS hottie is…

7. The beautiful choices of design.

Calum @ 20: 13 Tattoos and 7 Reasons Why We Love Them 3

It is undeniable that we are enchanted by the way Calum’s inks look at him.

Mostly, people look at inked men and often get the impression that they are punk-scary dudes who can break a few bones of yours because of how their tattoos look like on the outside. People don’t see the meaning behind it as they are blinded by too much design and color all over.

What separates Calum’s from the rest, is that he doesn’t go overboard with how he wants his tattoos to look like. Therefore giving us a clear picture of the meanings behind them and how significant it is for him.

Plus, every design (so far), has fit him like a glove, making him one hundred times hotter right?

6. There are hints of mystery

Calum @ 20: 13 Tattoos and 7 Reasons Why We Love Them 2

Most of Cal’s tattoos have significant meanings to them, but to these few pieces, the reason is not so clear for the fans.

The feather on his collar bone, horseshoe on his left arm and the “ALIVE” text on his left wrist are still unclear to the fans today. But even though the meanings behind these are unknown to us, they still make up Calum’s body art collection pretty good.

5. It reminds us of some significant dates.

Remember his first ever tattoo? Yes the “MMXII“, which means 2012 in Roman Numerals, stands for the year that his life changed.

A short trip down the memory lane, 5SOS was officially formed on December 3, 2011, when they played a small gig at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney with their new drummer Ashton Irwin. They then embarked on their local headline tour “Twenty Twelve Tour” in June 2012 and opened for Hot Chelle Rae’s tour in October.

Ever since their first tours, everything was a whirlwind, taking them to where they are now. Kinda crazy how fast things changes in a couple of years right?

The second tattoo that shows an important event in Cal’s timeline is one of his newest inks that he got with a friend on their recent trip in Indonesia.

The “Bali Tour ’16” on his left ankle will always remind him of his well-deserved vacation in the beautiful (physically and spiritually) and cultural land of Bali.

According to reports and updates from their fans, Calum stayed behind for a few more days whilst the other boys returned to Sydney after their two-week long trip. And during this short time, he got the tattoo with his friend, Roy English, who also had a matching ink on his leg.

4. It shows how important friendship is to him.

Whilst still in Bali with a couple more friends, Calum took the chance to appreciate their bond by getting matching tattoos of their initials.

In Roy English’s recent Instagram post, it showed a clear close-up photo of Cal’s “R” tattoo on his left ankle, which stands for “Roy”, and his knee tattoo of Calum’s initial “C“.

Talk about friendship goals!

3. It signifies his ethnicity

Calum @ 20: 13 Tattoos and 7 Reasons Why We Love Them 1

As most people know, 5SOS is a bunch of Australian lads dominating the charts and reliving the punk rock scene today. But, according to the 5SOS Fam, only the true fans know the fact that Calum is actually half Scottish and half Kiwi!

Considering that Cal’s dad is from Scotland and his mom is a native of New Zealand (a.k.a Kiwi), he has considered getting a couple of tattoos to remind everyone of his ethnicity.

The Scottish Thistle and the Native Tribal Headdress clearly state where his family originally came from and the fact that he is not Asian at all – a common misconception.

2. It shows his love for his band, the fans, and music in general

Calum @ 20: 13 Tattoos and 7 Reasons Why We Love Them 3

Due to some copyright issues on 5SOS’ former logo, they were forced to drop the tally mark which has already grown on the fans and represented the band in a way only the 5SOS Fam can explain.

Even though the tally mark isn’t used anymore, it still represents the band personally. And finally, Calum has got his own tattoo of it!

After Ashton got his one and only tally mark tattoo, the fans couldn’t be happier that Cal has got his own version of it on his left arm. The tally mark isn’t just about ‘5 Seconds’ on their band name, but it represents the 4 boys individually (the four stripes on the mark) and one band together (the horizontal stripe), which always make fans emotional.

Another ink that represents Calum’s love for music is the “Skywards” tattoo on his left arm, right above the horseshoe. Apparently, this was inspired by a certain song that he really loves and got the lyrics tattooed on him.

1. It represents his family.

Calum @ 20: 13 Tattoos and 7 Reasons Why We Love Them 4

And finally, the main reason why we fell in love with Calum’s tattoos is the fact that he always keeps his family with him wherever he goes.

He’s got his mom and his dad’s initials inked on both of his hands and “Mali-Koa” (his older sister) on his left arm along with a dove, which stands for himself (Calum = Dove).

According to him, your family is everything and that just makes him, even more, lovable right? Such a cutie he is.

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