Why Calum Hood is Your Perfect Valentine

Calum Hood. You can’t help but say his name and think of how perfect he would be as a valentine. So kind, charming, down to earth. His amazing smile, his quirky jokes, and those amazing biceps (yes, we totally noticed) would make anyone swoon for him! He recently took to Twitter to say he would be taking a break from it, and although we are quite sad we totally understand and can’t wait for him to return! Although only picking 5 reason why Cal-Pal would be the perfect valentine was possibly the hardest thing ever done, we did it!

Why Calum Hood is Your Perfect Valentine 1


5. His eyes

Have you ever just looked at him and not been able to look away? Us too. Whenever he sees his friends, family, something he loves, those big brown eyes just light up. Like a kid in a candy store. You can almost see the passion fill his eyes when he’s performing.

Why Calum Hood is Your Perfect Valentine 1

4. His love for puppies

It’s undeniable that any human that has a soft spot for animals is absolutely perfect, and Calum is no exception. Even in an interview he can’t resist the cute cuddly face of a dog. Can you blame him? We suggest sitting down to watch this video. The overload of cuteness might be too much for some…

3. His infectious smile

One thing that can not be denied is Calum Hood’s contagious smile. You can’t help but smile when you see him. You could be having a bad day, see his smile and it all goes away. Take a glass of wine, a funny movie and Calum’s smile and you have the perfect valentines day!

Why Calum Hood is Your Perfect Valentine 2

2. His passion for music

No doubt about it, Calum is a very passionate fella. Undoubtedly the thing he is most passionate about is writing and performing music. Watching interviews or the new 5SOS movie,  and listening to Calum talk about how much writing helps him get his feelings out is so mesmerizing. He was definitely born to make music.

Why Calum Hood is Your Perfect Valentine 3

1. His undeniable love for his family

The only thing that Calum loves more than is fans, is his family. Sure, he’s spoke about some rough patches in the past but who hasn’t? The smile whenever he is around his family is incredible. There is nothing more attractive than someone who shows so much love, and care for their family, and Cal is so exception. So, thank you to the Hood family for raising, and loving this goof just as much as we do.

Why Calum Hood is Your Perfect Valentine 5

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Written by Amber Nordberg

I'm 25, living life and loving the adventure. Lover of One Direction and 5SOS. Find me on Twitter, @ambernordberg