Calum Hood: A Personality Deeper Than The Bass

5 Seconds of Summer bassist Calum Hood, despite being the second youngest in the band, have no doubt, faced the most number of controversies throughout his journey as a band member.

Not only facing problems that people throw his way, he’s also dealt with racist comments and judging looks from haters who always seem to love dragging the successful band down. But, after all the hurricane he’s been through, Calum’s kind and caring personality still stands out like a shining gem in a sea of rocks.

You may not agree with us but he’s shown enough proof that he deserves to be loved and cared just as much as he does with his family and most especially, the 5SOSFam.

2014 is the year that band’s career went up a notch, parting ways with One Direction, after touring with the boyband in the early stage of their career. But, as they all say, great success comes along with greater challenges.

Calum faced a series of disputes after the band took off. Some are minor but some may have a left a permanent scar. For a teenage rock star, it is hard to deal with too many difficulties all at once when critics watch his every move under the spotlight. It may not only be stressful, but also deteriorating.

With all the pressure from the fans, the media, his management, and from the other artists as well, it sure is hard to get over such an impediment without getting wounded in the end of it all. But with Calum, after going through all the hurting, he still finds a way to inspire us with his thoughtful personality, knowing the fans and the people he loves would always have his back.

During the ticket selling for their first ever Forum shows in Los Angeles in 2014, the band announced that they would be present at the venue to help with the selling, which would only happen that day. Lines and lines of fans stood outside the box office, waiting for their turn to be able to purchase tickets for 5SOS’ 2-night show at the Forum later that year.

As promised 5SOS did show up at the venue and operated behind the counter, actually transacting and selling tickets to fans. Expecting that it would just be a normal day behind the box office, a couple of fans got their turn in Calum’s counter lane and surprisingly told him that they were there to at least catch a glimpse of their favourite band up close, since they didn’t have enough money to afford the tickets.

Expecting to just have a greeting in return, Calum surprised them when he pulled out his wallet to pay for a couple of tickets for them. It was much unexpected and unusual but, Calum didn’t hesitate to do as he said.

It may be just a simple act of kindness for an artist to do for their fans, but it meant so much more to him.

When 5SOS released their DVD How Did We End Up Here last year, the explanation to his actions were finally clear to everyone. In the movie, he explained why he did such a generous act towards the fans who weren’t able to afford their tickets.

“We grew up with no money and I didn’t go to a gig/tour. I was in a band. So, I know how it is to buy concert tickets” – Calum Hood on How Did We End Up Here Movie.

Who wouldn’t be able to love this understanding human being right? He understood what it felt like to not be able to buy tickets to your favourite band’s show and so, he returned the support that the 5SOSFam has given him and the band with a simple generous deed.

But that reason wasn’t the only thing why Calum did the kind act. It was somehow his way of thanking fans for giving him a chance to live his dreams. The band is getting more and more famous everyday, but for Calum, saying thank you to everyone who supports him would never be enough. And thus, makes the reason why he would always inspire us with the music he writes.

Hearing the songs that Calum has written is more like a window to his soul. Writing music has always been his comfort zone where he’s able to express his emotions and thoughts freely, not minding what everyone will say about him. After all, he’s been writing for the people who would actually take the time and understand him through his songs, and not for those who will judge him for it.

Written by CelebMix