Calum Hood’s 20 best moments from ROWYSO

Ah, January 25th. The day the world blessed us with the perfection that is Calum Hood. To celebrate his 20th birthday, we decided to share 20 of his best moments from the band’s ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out’ tour.

Calum Hood's 20 best moments from ROWYSO 2

1. When Calum invited his little cousin on stage to play his bass in Auckland, NZ and our hearts melted

2. When Calum decided to give Ashton’s drum set a whirl

3. That time he wore this cut off top and graced us all with his perfect biceps at Wembley Arena

20 of Calum's best moments from ROWYSO 6

4. When Calum forgot the his words for ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me’ and it was more adorable than anything

5. That time Calum let a fan play his bass in Belfast, Northern Ireland and we all wished we were Rachel

6. Calum being extra cute and speaking Spanish in Madrid

7. When he played this all too perfect bass solo

8.When Calum showed the world he can speak Gaelic

9. Or how he asked the crowd in St. Paul, Minnesota to sing along just for him. Anything you say Sir Calum

10. Here he is singing Amnesia perfectly, as always

11. When he sang Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’

12. When, another fan was brought up on stage to play his bass in Brussels, Belgium

13. How he looked at Luke, they way we all wish we could

Calum Hood's 20 best moments from ROWYSO 1

14. This fan put together a whole video of his best moments from their Madrid show, thanks Emejota Ate!

15. Someone made a GIF of Calum’s….um…hair…yeah, his hair

Calum Hood's 20 best moments from ROWYSO 1

16. When they wore kilts, and Calum did a little spin and we all survived


17. When the crowd sang his part in ‘Amnesia’ and he looked so happy

18. Or that time he got so lost in playing the bass he forgot to sing

19. When he forgot the lyrics….again…how can you be mad at that face?

20. Last, when 5SOS got to play with the Madden Bros. This isn’t just Cal-pal, but it’s really darn cool! 

Calum, from all of us here at CelebMix, we want to wish you the happiest, most amazing birthday possible. Thank you for all the amazing memories from ROWYSO, and we look forward to seeing you at ‘Sounds Live, Feels Live’. 

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Written by Amber Nordberg

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