Exclusive Premiere: Calvin Arsenia releases his new album “Cantaloupe”

As you open the SoundCloud, an artwork of an individual in a crown of flowers and beautiful ornaments awaits you to enter his musical world. Calvin Arsenia is the living example of what it means to embrace one’s self and he is doing so unabashedly. A Kansas City-based harpist, Arsenia has paved a way for himself by creating tracks that seem to bridge the gap between the past and the present.

Combining different styles and genres with an instrument that one usually finds in a classical event, Arsenia seems to be aiming for a grand confluence and we’re not even complaining.

Today, CelebMix premiers his Calvin Arsenia’s album “Cantaloupe” that would not just refurbish the playlists but also offer listeners a chance to understand the artist’s psyche and appreciate his work.

“Cantaloupe” comprises of 10 tracks including “Headlights”, “Tip Toe”, “Equally”, “Back to You”, “Toxic”, “Doomed”, “The Game”, “Palaces”, “Poseidon”, and “Cantaloupe”.

His song “Headlights” questioned the idea of a “picturesque” relationship (as featured on Atwood Magazine) and instead, embraced the uncertainty that comes with every new liaison.

Like his first single “Headlights”, each single of the album offers the singer’s reflection on a relationship but instead of feeling down, he uses to opportunity to put forth his apprehensions and his acceptance of a possible heartbreak.

The album merges jazz, soul, classical, folk and pop, giving the listener a deep dive into Calvin’s psyche and sound. Dynamic, head-bobbing, toe-tapping, moody, and challenging, the album takes a mature turn on his usual whimsy.


Cantaloupe was produced and co-written with Jametatone’s J Ashley Miller and Quixotic’s Simon Huntley and was mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Dave Kutch.

As an album “Cantaloupe” is a world in itself that cannot be compared with any album out in the industry. Incorporating the themes of heartbreak and love and using different instruments to tell the stories, Arsenia’s tracks offer a veritable tapestry comprising of colour, energy and vividness. His vocals add depth to the songs and gives a unique flavour to otherwise playful and light tone of his singles.

The new album is a mere glimpse of Calvin’s ability as an artist but it definitely makes him someone to watch out for.

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Written by Ayushi

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