Calvin Harris a modest beginning


When Calvin turned 20 he came to London from Scotland to try and pursue a career in music, however, as it is very tough to get into the music industry it was incredibly hard for him. He was working at Marks and Spencer’s at the time and had no choice but to move back home to Scotland as his pay was less than his rent.

When he returned home his Dad told him to try and get a trade and become a plumber or electrician, still as Myspace had just come out Calvin thought he may as well give it another try. He added everyone he knew who was an artist or in the music industry.

Felix Haword who wrote such songs as Overload for the Sugarbabes saw Calvin’s music on Myspace and was looking for acts to sign as he had just joined EMI publishing. Felix signed Calvin and the rest is history.

Originally Calvin wanted to be a producer but ended up becoming a DJ. Now he mainly wants to work on his music instead of concentrating on gigging as now he only goes to Ibiza once a year when it used to be 3 times a year.

He was offered a modelling deal by Armani but turned it down straight away as he wasn’t interested but after 6 months of thinking about it he went back to Armani and agreed to do it.

Calvin now lives in L.A. and it feels like he is always on Holiday and due to his lifestyle he never has the time to take a real one.

Written by CelebMix