Calvin shows Taylor some love

Beyonce and Jay-Z move over, a new power couple are in town. Things between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been getting pretty heated over the last few months. Moving from mere speculation to public displays of affection at the MTV Billboard awards, the couple have taken the world by storm.

Not satisfied with the cutesy PDA, on Friday (July 3rd) Calvin turned things up yet another notch by posting his first instagram post of his girl, and he did not hold back on the gushing compliments.

“She cooks too” he captioned the above photo, which he posted for the whole world to see. This isn’t the first time he’s bragged about Taylor on social media though. On the 22nd of June Calvin adorably posted “I just played a gig inside a giant owl and my girl just changed the entire music industry what a day”. Yes Taylor’s been changing the world whether it be breaking Vevo records, or making apple change their policies, Taylor really is making a difference and she’s doing it in ‘Style’ (see what I did there), and by the looks of it Calvin plans on sticking around and supporting her while she does it.

Written by CelebMix