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Camila Cabello covers FAULT Magazine

Camila Cabello is the woman of the moment. Not only is her ‘Bad Things’ collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly still riding high in the charts, but she’s just released ‘Hey Ma’, a collaboration with Pitbull and J Balvin, which features on the Fast of the Furious 8 soundtrack.

The singer recently opened up to Latina Magazine about her struggle with anxiety and her choice not to discuss her love life. Now, Camila takes to the cover of FAULT Magazine for an honest interview about transitioning to a solo artist, having to get everything perfect, and the pressures young female artists face to be forced to act a certain way.

credit: Giuliano Bekor

On transitioning to a solo artist after leaving Fifth Harmony: “I think the scariest part about it is leaving a successful project to pursue a new dream with a new path full of questions of self-discovery that only you can answer. But even when I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of my former group, expressing myself as an artist became a necessity.”

On the pressure to get everything perfect: “I’ve always felt pressure to get everything perfect, and I’ve never gotten there, but I think that’s what keeps me growing, and keeps me frustrated with myself and keeps me reaching. I think if you’re ever comfortable and think ‘wow. this is it. I’ve figured it out.’, you stop trying and you stop growing.”

On being asked to describe the sound of her debut album in 3 words: “I couldn’t possibly boil it all down to three words but it will be me in sound form.”

On finding the time to prepare for a solo career in between five years of non-stop work with Fifth Harmony: “I was always writing, not necessarily for myself, but just because I really wanted to be a songwriter. I think as I was writing I found my own voice as an artist and as a person, and I’m discovering more about it every day.”

On the best part of her solo journey so far: “Working with so many talented writers and producers and following my own musical vision. I love the ability to create something out of nothing altogether.”

On the pressures young female artists face to be forced to act a certain way: “I think it’s important to make your own decisions about what feels right to you and follow your inner voice. Never compromise if it doesn’t feel right.”

On when we can expect to hear new music: “I hope to release my first few songs before summer and then go from there and hopefully an album in the Fall.”

Read a full preview of Camila’s interview with FAULT here.

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Photographer: Giuliano Bekor Stylist: Cat Wennekamp

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