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Camila Cabello unveils highly-anticipated ‘Havana’ mini-movie

After dropping a trailer just yesterday for #HAVANAtheMOVIE, Camila Cabello has unveiled the full ‘Havana’ visual and quite frankly we’re ready to hand her all the awards.

We had high hopes from the trailer alone, but the mini-movie exceeds all expectations. Directed by David Meyers, Camila serves us plenty of drama, action, comedy, sass, characters, cute moments and even leaves a message for her fans at the end. What more could you want from a mini-movie?

It all starts with a dramatic Camila discovering her lover in bed with her best friend…and her maid. However, it turns out that it wasn’t her lover at all, but her lover’s twin. Camila’s actual lover makes an appearance from the closet and gets down on one knee, before the scene pans out and we realise it’s all a telenovela which gets switched off.

As we shared with you yesterday, the trailer had a warning which stated: “The following preview has been approved for all nerds, hopeless romantics, drama queens, independent ladies, and tense grandmas”. This immediately makes sense in the next scene as we are introduced to Karla (Camila), a nerdy girl who lives her life through telenovelas, her ‘extra’ sister Bella (Lele Pons) and their crazy but loving abuelita (LeJuan James).

Whilst Bella goes out dancing, their abuelita tells Karla that she needs to start living her life. Initially, she settles down to watch another telenovela with her abuelita, but once she starts snoring she sneaks out to watch another at her local cinema.

Armed with popcorn, Karla settles down to watch ‘Havana’, which stars Camila as the leading lady. This is where Camila shows off her sassy side, turning down men left right and centre. She also becomes the human dancing queen emoji as she shows off impressive dance moves in a dazzling red dress during Young Thug’s rap verse.

At the end of the visual, Camila shares a love/hate moment with a guy however, she ultimately delivers a soon to be iconic line.

As the film comes to an end, Karla expresses to the cinema that she is unhappy with the ending. Camila turns to the audience and says “hey sweetie, if you don’t like my story, go write your own”, which both confuses and inspires Karla. As she comes to the aid of a guy on a bike (Noah Centineo) on her way out, will she get her own happy ending? You’ll have to watch and find out!

Are you ready to see ‘Havana’ in all its glory? Check it out below.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the music video, Camila said: “Roger, my manager, my mum and I were just talking and we came up with the idea of doing like a film, a mini movie and it was inspired from music videos like Thriller, where you can’t tell what’s real or not. The video is like a line between reality and fantasy that’s blurred and that is my vibe, and that is my kind of thing, I love music videos and anyone will tell you this video is definitely about me. The kind of books I read are fiction and the kind of movies I watch are fiction. I love reading Harry Potter and watching Disney movies.”

We may have been waiting a while for the ‘Havana’ video to drop, but it was certainly worth the wait. It’s amazing to see Camila bring out her personality and creativity during the visual and we love that the video is dedicated to ‘the dreamers’. Camila is growing and developing as a solo artist with each day, and we’re more certain than ever that her future is exceedingly bright.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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