Can you brave Screamland Kent’s Biggest Scare Festival?

Screamland is Kent’s biggest scare festival. It is based at the seaside theme park in Margate, ‘Dreamland’, which is famous for the oldest rollercoaster in the UK ‘The Scenic Railway’. Screamland has seven interactive scare mazes and was open for seven nights in October.

 Screamland Sleep Experiment Maze

This maze was set in a research facility with neuroscientists conducting a sleep deprivation experiment. Actors playing the prison inmates are the test subjects to the experiment, however something goes wrong and all the communication from the facility has stopped. The maze had low lighting and smoke machines to make it harder to see in front of you and what awaits around the next corner.

Mary Decomposed

The Mary Decomposed maze was set on the wreckage of an infamous passenger liner ‘The Mary Rose’. This ship was known as one of the greatest ghost ships on the seven seas, which appears every 20 years. Through the maze you had to encounter the different people on the ship with a different role and a scary story to show you as you walk through the different rooms of ‘The Mary Rose’.

Dead And Breakfast

After choosing to stay at the ‘Dead and Breakfast’ you start to begin to uncover the mysterious murders by the serial killer Jack Mudget. The Dead and Breakfast lets you walk around the rooms discovering which abandoned souls were in the B&B rooms. With many jumps and scares this B&B is not a place someone would want to stay the night!

Tunnels of Terror

After construction in the Dead and Breakfast the maze joins onto the ‘Tunnels of Terror’ these tunnels uncover may historical artefacts that link to Margates reputation of being a smuggling town in the 1700s. The tunnels leading from the B&B were used as air raid shelters during WW2. During the maze you go on a hunt to find the archaeology team which has mysteriously disappeared. Can you find them?

The Upside Down

This is a mirror maze of the parallel universe that has just opened up at Dreamland. There are endless passages which deceive your mind and lead off into the vast distance of the mirrors. Meanwhile, also in the maze with you is shadow creatures trying to scare you in every turn you try to make. They are all around you but which shadow creature is real and which is a reflection?

Punch and Judy Horrorshow

The Punch and Judy puppets have toured the seaside towns of the UK for many years however the show is now being controlled by the evil puppeteer Norman Bloodworth. The puppeteer is very keen on enthusiasm and tries to get everybody to sing. If you do not do as Bloodworth asks then you will get a special treat from the frightening horror show. You would of never seen a scary life-sized puppet before entering the maze of the Punch and Judy Horrorshow.

Festino’s Funhouse 

Alfonso Festino has collected the worlds finest collection of clowns after the killer clown trend in 2016. The maze has twists, turns, ups and downs in order to get your adrenaline pumping. The clowns are not afraid to jump out from the darkest corner with their only intention of scaring their victims. Would you be laughing or crying around this funhouse?

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Written by Indiatabony

I am 20 and I love attending concerts and listening to my favourite artists latest music. I am studying festivals and events at university, events management is my passion.
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