Can You Guess Which Hollywood Stars Also Like a Flutter in the Casino?

There is no denying the fact that gambling had always been and continues to be an important theme in Hollywood. As proof of this statement, people can go through numerous hugely successful films that are based on casinos and they are grabbing the attention of people from many numbers of years. Some well-popular movies, such as The Hangover, Ocean’s Eleven, Rain Man, and most importantly, Casino Royale have been hugely successful in portraying the charm and glitz of places, such as Las Vegas. The remarkable thing is lots of stars habitually notice these settings being at ease. The reason behind this can be quoted as some of them have personal experience in those gambling places.

Many actors are popular at gambling and playing various online poker games, like Poker online for making themselves relaxed for bagging roles in different films. In this context, it becomes important to name Matt Damon who participated in the expert poker shark in the hit film Rounders which did pretty well in the year 1998. This American film deals with the underground world linked with high-stakes poker. John Dahl directed this movie and it had Edward Norton and Matt Damon as leading characters. The story of this film follows two friends who required winning high-stakes poker for paying off their huge debt. 

The preparation for the role

For playing the part convincingly, Matt Damon required being aware of his full house from a straight flush and so, he made up his mind to get involved in poker tables for the sake of his preparation. In fact, Damon had already been a huge fan of poker in his real life. Still, he along with his co-start Edward Norton decided to put up a whopping amount of $10,000 to take part in the World Series of Poker that happened in the year 1998. Perhaps, this was for assisting them to take on the roles in the film of John Dahl or it may be that they did this just to add some fun moments to their lives.

However, back in the year 1990s, this kind of playing turned out to be highly prevalent but post the boom of poker that emerged partly due to Rounders, getting involved in playing online poker has turned increasingly popular. Now, if Norton and Damon are really needed to prepare themselves for Rounders 2, then it will be mandatory for them to get on to internet gambling besides hunting for the finest casino sites that propose nothing but highly alluring sign-up bonuses because they can attempt to master this distinct manner of playing poker.

Interestingly, when they are there, they can make up their mind to get involved in playing other poker games too. 

The respite of online slot casinos

The online slot casinos are capable of proposing much-needed relief from the card games that emerge as mentally draining. Actually, there are countless deals and reels but you are needed to take your pick wisely amongst them. Surprisingly, though slots have not been very successful in gaining recognition on the big screen, there is another popular casino game that has emerged to be successful. The well-known online poker game, Blackjack has got immortalized in films, like The Last Casino, Rain Man, Blackjack, 21, and The Gambler. Though Ben Affleck has not acted in any of the above-mentioned movies, he is considered a Hollywood icon who happens to be partial to play the game which has turned Las Vegas hugely popular with people from all across the globe. 

This act and director has been spotted on various occasions where he was playing this century-old game. Again, Affleck also confessed that Blackjack happens to be his only weakness and he despises to take on other games of chance. He played the card game as he realized that when he learned everything about it, he can augment his opportunities of winning.

Both Damon and Affleck are great friends who have starred in many films together previously, which included Dogma and Good Will Hunting. Hence, wouldn’t it be nice when these superstars with their fondness for gambling get together to form the best casino film of all times? Now, if that happens, then it would certainly be an epic.

Written by Monella