Cara Delevingne: Badass Woman

Badass is the first term that can be used to describe, the now 23 year old up-and-coming actress, Cara Delevingne. A woman who is most known for her eyebrows, has shown the world that she is much more than “on fleek brows”. Despite all the hate that she has received, she has powered on and managed to inspire people of all ages and ethnicities to embrace their weird.

The in-demand British model, has had a wicked year in her career. Not only has she won awards in the previous years (Model of the Year 2012 and Breakthrough Actress 2014) , but she has made herself noticed all around the globe. She has been on worldwide covers of Vogue and has walked in Chanel shows with best friend, Kendall Jenner. More than participating in huge modeling campaigns, she has also has given us a huge variety of magazine works; in which more than a few, she was nude (and insanely beautiful).

As if being the most gorgeous person on the outside wasn’t enough, she has a heart of gold. Just recently, Tag Heuer and herself, raised the ample amount of $28,900 for Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU). She has spoken out against tragedies, such as Cecil the Lion, black brutalities, and bullying. As a woman, she has also been a huge supporter of the “Free the Nipple” campaign and has shown compassion for gender equality.

With 17.5K Instagram followers, Cara shows us her life, never hiding who she is. To uploading prank videos, to showing us a day with her squad, she never fails to put a smile on our faces. Against “the rules of fame”, she goes to music festivals and posts pictures of her natural self whilst embracing the lazy day attire. With her tight group of friends, which include Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, co-workers, and even John Green, she is unstoppable.

The openly bisexual star has taught many to be true to themselves. Not giving a care of what people say about her relationship with musician St. Vincent (Annie Clark). Because in the end, love is love.

Cara Delevingne: The Day a Badass Popped Out of the Womb 4

Cara Delevingne is many things. From an up and coming actress, model, lover, friend, badass: she is a genuine person. So help us wish a massive happy birthday to Cara Delevingne, with messages for an even better year!


Happy Birthday Cara! 23 looks amazing on you!

Written by CelebMix