CARMILLA: Our favourite moments from Season 3 Act I

If you don’t know what ‘Carmilla’ is, or are yet to watch season 3, we advise you to read no further (spoilers). For the remaining Creampuffs, buckle up, it’s time to discuss.

When season 2 ended, our brave heroes/villains (they’re a bit of both) had fled to the library feeling uncertain about pretty much everything. Was the Dean still alive? What happened to Perry? MOST IMPORTANTLY, would Hollstein get back together? The questions were endless. Thankfully, Act I of the newest season has cleared a lot of things up.

So without further ado, we present our top 5 moments from Season 3 Act I:

Enrico Colantoni as Laura’s Dad

CARMILLA: Our favourite moments from Season 3 Act I 1

Not only is he an amazing actor, he also happens to be the dad from ‘Veronica Mars’. We won’t lie, when we found out he was joining the cast we swooned a little. If you’ve been around from the start, you may also remember certain moments like this:

CARMILLA: Our favourite moments from Season 3 Act I 1

The show has gone from making references, to having part of the actual cast in it. The feeling is surreal, and we are so proud.

LaF (LaFontaine)

LaF is such an amazing representation for non-binary fans of the show. She’s level-headed, intelligent, and a complete bad-ass at everything. This season, she has somehow managed to up her game yet again. This is of course due to the amazing acting of Kaitlyn Alexander. It can’t be easy being trapped in a psychotic library with the awkward mess that is Hollstein, but she makes it work. We tip our hats to you LaF.


Nothing could have prepared us for this season’s Hollstein moments. The situation is still messy, but for the moment, our Hollstein hearts are content. Natasha and Elise are both amazing actresses, who deserve so many awards. Our hearts break knowing we won’t be seeing them together on screen as much anymore. We could discuss these two for days, but we won’t put you through that just yet. Instead, enjoy some gifs courtesy of Tumblr:

CARMILLA: Our favourite moments from Season 3 Act I 1 CARMILLA: Our favourite moments from Season 3 Act I 2

The Dark Side to Characters

As we’re sure you already know, the lovely Perry has been possessed by the Dean. What we didn’t expect, was how amazing Annie Briggs was going to be at playing an evil character. Perry went from innocent and sweet to terrifying and controlling in the blink of an eye. Annie is yet another example of how brilliant the cast of this show is.

Accompanying Perry, there is, of course, Danny. Jealous potential love interest turned rogue vampire. Sharon Belle has done a brilliant job tapping into the reasons behind Danny’s change, and we can’t wait to see more.

The Set

Whilst for many, the set of a show goes relatively unnoticed, we couldn’t help but pause to look at the brilliant detail behind this one. The designers went above and beyond in creating the library and it is a definite favourite for us.


All in all, Carmilla is an LGBT+ masterpiece that we could talk about endlessly. It empowers so many and we are so thankful to have it in our lives. If you want to have a chat about your favourite moments/opinions, our Twitter is @CelebMix . We look forward to binge watching the next 2 acts with all of you soon!

Written by CelebMix