Caroline Flack hits out at “pervert” paparazzi.

X Factor host and winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2014 Caroline Flack, 36, has hit out at “pervert” paparazzi who hid in bushes to take photographs of her getting undressed without her consent.

The star, who is enjoying some downtime on a Holiday in Miami with friends including One Direction’s hairdresser Lou Teasdale, was papped in the middle of changing, and the pictures later published online for the world to see!

Taking to Twitter to blast the papparrazi and the people who published the pictures, the star shared a string of tweets about the matter with her 1.8 million followers.



The star later clarified in a tweet that she was changing on private property, so had no reason to expect that there would be paparazzi about as they couldn’t legally enter the premises or take photo’s of her in it, but clearly that didn’t stop the paparazzi!

Whether it was private property or not, we still don’t think that justifies taking such private, intimate photographs and publishing them without first seeking consent!

The pap in question, or at least someone who is proudly confessing to taking the pictures, took to Twitter in retaliation, claiming that he was not breaking the law, nor was she on private property, in an attempt to justify his actions.

This kind of thing is likely not illegal and unfortunately not irregular, but it has long been suggested that a change in the law regarding the way paparazzi and those who publish their pictures operate.

The incident with Caroline mirrors a similar one that occurred with The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who was photographed topless on private property in France by spying paparazzi, but the photographs where not so widely published and mostly repressed (one the benefits of being married to the future King).

Perhaps now with 2 high profile incidents of this sort (and many, many more less widely discussed), we might begin to see a change in the way non-consensual intimate photographs are treated in the News papers, but aside from removing the image from online publication, no apology has yet been made to Caroline Flack.

What do you think about the images of Caroline on holiday? Should taking this kind of photograph of a celebrity without their consent be outlawed? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter @CelebMix






Written by CelebMix