Carson Lueders releases his new single “Silver Bracelet”

In an artist’s journey, numbers play a huge role especially, in the 21st century where content consumption is done via both offline and online channels.

These numbers don’t just indicate the potential an artist shows monetarily (brand potential) but also hints towards the impact they have been making in people’s lives. But the latter can only be concluded when fans make an effort to go beyond pressing the follow button.

Over the years, Carson Lueders has worked hard to create a dedicated fanbase that doesn’t just follow but engages, discusses, and actively participates in a conversation around his art. His ascension as an artist has been organic and his journey is a testament to his success. 

Amassing over seventy million views on his YouTube channel, Carson has been able to reach out to people via different mediums including social media, print, and radio. He has been featured on ABC’s “The View” with one of his role models Keith Urban and has made an appearance on BET’S Music Moguls, accompanied by legendary music producer Jermaine Dupri.

Recently, Lueders has released his new single “Silver Bracelet”. Released on 3rd May, the song talks about the agony of a lover who personifies the absence of his beloved through a silver bracelet. The silver bracelet, as an object, is a physical memory of the lost love and metaphorically (but paradoxically), it refers to the eternal presence of the lover, both in his life and his heart.

The poetic vibe of the song makes one attentive to the words and sympathize with the protagonist’s woes. Lueders has brilliantly used his skills to weave a heart-wrenching narrative.

Backed on guitar, the song is laced with a combination of instruments and beats, giving it a catchy vibe. Lueders makes a clever transition from what would have been an acoustic song to a well-conceptualized dance track.

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Written by Ayushi

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