Casey Entertains Us For A Whole Year

Film maker and YouTube phenomenon Casey Neistat has been daily vlogging for an entire year.

Yes, it’s been a year since he uploaded a video on his 34th birthday in The Caribbean giving us the exciting news that he would be sharing more of his life with us all. Casey tells us how at the age of 34 he has so much going on in his life from getting married, to starting a business, to having a beautiful baby girl. “I’m going to make a movie every day” he exclaimed in the first vlog and well, he kept it up!

One whole year later and he’s still finding ways to draw us in and excite us by his fascinating daily life. Throughout the last year we’ve seen Casey do a lot such as going to the Oscars(and filming Leo get his well deserved Oscar in a 360 degree camera), surfing in South Africa where there are a lot of sharks, going to more and more big events and so much more.

Recently, he got given a drone to film on and this has resulted in beautiful overhead shots of South Africa and New York!

We would like to wish Casey a happy birthday and thank him for all the work which he does!

Check out his vlogs here.

Written by CelebMix