Casino Offers for New Players

Online casinos provide different promotions and bonuses to draw in new players and hold on to the existing ones. The casinos do this by offering attractive incentives to players that can encourage them to register at an online casino for the very first time. The bonus offers are a great way for online casinos to attract new users. As such, some offers and bonuses let players try out games that they wouldn’t usually play, which is a great idea as well to attract first-time visitors to a casino. So, what are the casino offers for new players? Let’s find out more about the best online casinos for real money 2022!

Welcome Bonuses 

Unlike the brick-and-mortar casinos, nearly every online casino offers some kind of welcome bonus. The most common welcome bonuses are the ones that match the first deposit. So, in other words, the player gets double the money deposited by them after joining the casino for the first time. In fact, there are some casinos that offer about 500 per cent in bonuses, though they aren’t too common. 

No Deposit Bonuses 

No deposit bonuses are a great offer for the new players because it lets them try new casinos without spending any money along with other popular table games at the casino. As it can be understood from the name, no deposit or credit card info is required. A player just has to activate their account by registering on the site, and they can start playing completely for free. Casino websites offer all kinds of no deposit bonuses. Typically, the bonus remains limited to the maximum amount of $150, though several other restrictions are put on it as well. 

Some casinos only allow players to use the bonus on a slot machine, with a particular amount of churn being compulsory. For instance, if a player gets $100 in credit, they will need to play the machine twenty times, which means $2,000 in bets in total. Moreover, there can be limits on the maximum amount a player can cash out. So, for a person winning $10,000 with their free bonus, the maximum cash-out is usually somewhere around $500. The restrictions might seem to be limiting, but casinos have no other way to prevent players from simply using their free bonus and moving on to some other casino. 

No deposit bonuses are usually a great deal, but it’s better not to think of them as free money. Almost all no deposit bonuses have one or more of the given caveats: 

  • Usually, the bonus funds get issued as site credits that can’t be withdrawn. All winnings are typically easy to withdraw, though the bonus is hardly ever withdrawable. 
  • Typically, a deposit is necessary to withdraw the winnings. 
  • The bonus and all winnings earned by wagering the bonus are subject to rollovers. Generally, there is a nominal rollover on a no deposit bonus, i.e., in the range of nearly 1x to 5x. 

Deposit Bonuses 

Deposit bonuses are another common way to motivate new players to register at an online casino, which shows an improvement unlike recent Texas casinos legislature defeat. A lot like welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses will offer multiple numbers of deposits right after a player opens an account. It can be two to five times the amount a player deposits. Typically, deposit bonuses of 100 per cent can be utilized on table games like blackjack. On the other hand, bonuses of 200 per cent or more are usually limited to playing on slot machines. 

Free Spin Bonuses 

Usually, both existing and new players get free spin bonuses as a part of promoting the new slot machines. However, not every casino offers free spins to new players. This kind of bonus gets players a restricted number of free spins that they can use to gain real money minus the need to spend a dime. Though free spin bonuses are common in casinos, the approach taken by different casinos is not the same. Most of these bonuses have a high wagering requirement, along with limited maximum cash-outs. If a player gets this particular bonus, they should try and use it to attain the highest cash-out amount and withdraw their winnings timely. 

Reward Multipliers 

Most of the modern online casinos offer special reward multipliers to promote newer slots and engage new players. Generally, reward multipliers are available with a specific period to let players take home a higher winning. For instance, when a player tries a slot as the reward multiplier remains active, their winnings are multiplied. Such reward multipliers double or triple the winning amount. In fact, some of them might even multiply the winning by even 100 times. We have advice for players visiting casinos with reward multipliers. Remember to play a couple of slots because there is a chance to win a lot more than usual with a reward multiplier. 

High Roller Reward 

Of course, casinos love players who are ready to deposit huge amounts. So, the casinos have high roller bonuses on offer. When a new player is ready to make a high deposit, they are recognized as a VIP by the casino. It typically gets all sorts of events and perks to the player, like free slot matches where the casino supplies mega cash prizes. Most casinos need a minimum deposit of $500 to give high roller entry to a player. Thus, it is important to check all the requirements before a player makes a deposit. 

Top Casino Offers for New Players 

The new players have all the reasons to rejoice because the top casinos have a host of offers for them. Here are some of the top casino offers for the new players: 


  • 100% new player bonus up to $1000 
  • Payout Speed: 3 Days 

Draftkings Casino 

  • $25 no deposit bonuses 
  • Payout Speed: 7 – 8 Days 


  • $10 free & 100% match up to $500 
  • Payout Speed: 2 Days 

888 Casino 

  • $20 no deposit bonus 
  • Payout Speed: 2 Days 

Hard Rock Casino 

  • 50 Free Spins on registration 
  • Payout Speed: 2 Days 

What Are The Benefits of Casino Offers for New Players? 

Welcome offers for new players are beneficial for both the casinos and the new players. Casinos have welcome offers to attract new players and make them stay on the site for a longer duration. On the other hand, the new players love casino offers because it gives them a chance to play games without even making any deposits at times or by making the least bit of deposit. 

The Endnote 

So, have you joined a new online casino and tried making the most of these offers? If not, you are surely missing out on a great chance to win a good amount for free or the least bit of deposits. Go ahead and join now! 


Written by Monella