Caspar Lee Shares Bloopers from Video with Liam Payne

Caspar Lee posted on social media that he had something in the works with Liam Payne and fans were immediately excited. As to not keep them waiting for long, he shared a blooper reel earlier today with some behind the scenes shots that still have us in stitches.

Caspar says that the two have a skit planned and also that some stuff will just happen naturally. With both of their personalities, we can’t wait to see the full dynamic that exists between the two. In one part of the blooper reel, Caspar cools himself down saying ‘All of the singing made me really hot.’ So we’re full on expecting a duet between the pair.

He also sits down for an interview with Liam that his mom keeps interrupting with texts, maybe she didn’t get the memo. Caspar takes some time off between filming and editing where he runs into a fan while eating and goes to talk to him. He also tells fans watching the video that he loves to chat with them so that if they see him out and about, not to be shy.

Then, he says something that connects to us on a spiritual level – seriously. As he’s editing the video he has a shot of Liam and he says ‘Look at that perfect face.‘ He then chats with his friend about how his face gets even more perfect the closer you get to him. Yep. He is so so easy on the eyes, that Liam Payne.

He then shows off some funny bloopers that happened when the two were working together and we laughed as much as Liam did – Caspar tried his hardest not to, but it didn’t totally work out.

Caspar says the video will be up on Sunday, so we don’t have long to wait to see it in full, and we are excited. This is a pair we’d love to see do something again in the future.

Written by Ashley

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