Cat That Looks Like Kylo Ren Gets Adopted

Everyone loves a good mash up. How about cats and Star Wars?

A cat took the internet by storm (because that is what cats tend to do) for looking a lot like a certain The Force Awakens character.

Cat That Looks Like Kylo Ren Gets Adopted 2

Cat That Looks Like Kylo Ren Gets Adopted 3

Do you see the resemblance? We totally do!

If Adam Driver was a cat, well, that would totally be him.

The cat was originally named Corey but now is named KYLO REN and adopted by a lovely lady named Marci!

But we have a lot of questions about this cat:

What does his father look like?


Is his mother royalty?

Is he part of the dark side?

Does he dream at night of being Darth Vader?

You can check out the fierce cat’s Instagram HERE because, of course, any reason to have another cat account on Instagram is a good idea. Plus, you have to give kudos for the punny name “Catam Driver”.

Lastly, please support Monmouth County SPCA, who’s mission is to protect animals: http://www.monmouthcountyspca.org/ We know our hearts are shattered just looking at that site and are so pleased “Catam Driver” was adopted from there.

We can only hope now, that somewhere in the galaxy there is a cat that looks like Daisy Ridley/Rey and the two fur balls can meet and have an epic light saber battle.

Written by CelebMix