CelebMix Awards 2016 – Round Two: Voting is closed


You have voted for the CelebMix Awards 2016 for two weeks and now it’s time for the final. An impressive 60,000 votes have been cast and the top four in each category are now in the final. Voting ends on December 25 at 10am UK time – so hurry up and vote for your favourites!

Song of the Year

Best Male Artist

Best Female Artist

Album of the Year

Tour of the Year

Music Video of the Year

Best Band

Best New Artist

Best Fandom

Best Comedy

Best Drama

Best Reality UK

Best Reality US

Best Dancer

YouTuber of the Year

Biggest Social Media Personality

Podcast of the Year

Who are you voting for? Tell us by using the #CelebMixAwards hashtag on social media and tweet us, @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix