CelebMix Cares Recaps Brain Tumor Awareness Month

The month of march is brain tumor awareness month and CelebMix Cares paired with The Brain Tumor Charity to bring you articles that show why a change is necessary to enhance the lives of people all across the world.

27 people a day are diagnosed with brain tumors and 5,000 lose their lives per year.  These statistics are scary enough on their own, but perhaps the most staggering statistic is that only 2% of all money raised for cancer research is spent on brain tumor awareness.  It is severely underfunded!

Just because March has drawn to an end, doesn’t mean the support for brain tumor awareness should stop – in fact, it should only grow from here.  There are stories that will grip your heart and urge you to spread the word, events that will inspire you to donate time or funds to making a change, and lives that you’ll touch that make it all worth it.

There’s no time like the present to make a difference, so please visit these articles and find ways to spread awareness, help others, and pledge to stand beside anyone who needs a helping hand.

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Eleanor Stollery’s Story

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A Mother’s Journey

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Brain Tumor Statistics

Get Involved With The Brain Tumor Charity

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The Brain Tumor Charity and Scottish Parliament

Poppy-Mai’s Story

For more information you can visit The Brain Tumor Charity‘s homepage and keep up to date with what they’re achieving with your help.

CelebMix Cares thanks you for an incredible month – here’s to many more.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.