CelebMix Chats with Charles Best About “Greening” Our Environment

Charles Best is a teacher turned CEO and the founder of Donors Choose who is taking some big steps towards ‘greening’ our environment and making sure it’s easy for everyone to get behind the idea.

Children now more than ever are aware of our environment and the importance of making it better now so future generations don’t suffer the effects of a depleted and destroyed world.  The things we take for granted; like feeling the warm sun on your skin and breathing fresh air could all be gone if people continue to live without caring about our planet.  Caring for the environment isn’t just about preserving greenery, it’s about animals and humans, our oceans and mountains, streams and rivers, and things so small you may not even consider the impact you have on them but you do.

We all determine the state of our planet by our daily activity, and educating children about this impact is the best way to ensure that the environment will be cared for properly.

This is where Donors Choose comes in.  Donors Choose is a non-profit organization that allows public school teachers to submit their classroom projects to an open space where interested donors can contribute to making these projects a reality.  Anyone can make the world a better place and not only that, but they can encourage children while doing so, Donors Choose makes both of those things possible in an incredible way.

The organization didn’t just attract the attention of teachers and families of students or even just members of their local communities, celebrities found out about Donors Choose and got involved too.  From Stephen Colbert to Oprah – many donations have been made in an effort to encourage the children to keep pushing forward.

We had a chat with Charles about Donors Choose and how we can join the involvement ourselves.

After hearing Charles speak, the importance of linking up with Donors Choose became even easier to realize and it was incredible hearing about the celebrities who also support the cause.

Will you join the likes of Oprah, Stephen Colbert, Serena Williams, Ashton Kutcher, and Samuel Jackson – amongst many others – and help make our world better one step at a time? Follow Donors Choose on their Twitter and their personal Website and tweet us to let us know what ideas you take an interest in!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.