CelebMix chats with “The Other Side of the Door” star Jax Malcolm

Growing up and being a movie star is just a dream for some of us, but for Jax Malcolm it’s a reality. With his recent work on “The Other Side of the Door”, “Love is All You Need” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Jax  has made a name for himself as being one of the move talented young actors on screen. He was recently nominated for both a Young Artist and Young Entertainers Award.

Jax was able to chat with us about some of his recent work and the amazing charities and organizations that he works with.

Hello Jax, thank you for taking time out of your day and chatting with CelebMix! 

We see you’re nominated for a Young Entertainers Award and a Young Artist Award, how did you feel when you heard you were nominated? 

It’s really an amazing feeling to be recognized with so many talented young actors. I worked really hard in the studio to bring the “creepy” factor to Oliver’s ghost and the final product was a great living character that added a real scare to the film. The nominations are really a bonus to getting to do the work!

How did you like working on “The Other Side Of The Door”? 

My work on this film was in the recording studio with Director Johannes Roberts. He really helped describe everything that was going on in my scenes. I was also shown tons of clips of the film to add my voice to. It was pretty cool to see everything done and then get to add my voice to it. For instance, when Oliver ghost was behind the door, it helped so much to understand both Oliver’s motivation and his mom’s. It was really intense work that I loved doing.

You played David in the short film “Love Is All You Need”, what were some of the challenges of doing voice over work rather than live acting?

The main difference between Voice Over and live acting is the interaction you get with the other actors. On a film like “Love Is All You Need, “ or a series like “The League,” you have the opportunity to rehearse and work with the other actors as well as the director to help build relationships to make the characters come alive. With Voice Over you’re often in the booth alone and you need to use your imagination more to help fill in those areas.

You’re a speaker and junior ambassador for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, how did you get involved in that? 

I actually became involved with CHLA before I was born. My parents were referred there because I had problems with both my kidneys as an infant. I had kidney surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles when I was one month and three months old. A few years ago I expressed to my parents that I’d like to start working with the hospital because I was old enough to understand how they saved my life. I am now an ambassador and speaker for CHLA. As a speaker I get to share my patient story with donors, members of the community and even get to speak at CHLA press conferences. This past year I held my first ever #ActionJax Movie Morning Fundraiser benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to use my network of industry friends, brands that I love, and companies who support me with great success. I was able to raise over $2,000 for the hospital. I would definitely call this one of my biggest achievements! I’m looking forward to the 2nd Annual #ActionJax Movie Morning Fundraiser October 7, 2017!

It’s always incredible to see young actors working with different charities, how does it feel to be able to work with different groups such as Heal The Bay?

A lot of people may not know that I am certified LA County Jr. Lifeguard, this means that every summer instead of sleeping in I spend my mornings training on the beach: learning life-saving skills, how to read the currents, and doing intense physical training to understand the rigors of being a beach lifeguard. Because of this, I became acutely aware of the damage we’ve done to our beaches, waterways, and wildlife. I am honored to be a founding member of Heal the Bay’s Hollywood Ambassador Board. Working with Heal the Bay allows me to spread the message of keeping our beaches and waterways clean to preserve them for future generations. I also attend events at Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium where I get to the opportunity to influence other kids when it comes to keeping our beaches clean!

Photo Credit: Tasia Wells

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