CelebMix Chats with Los Angeles Beauty Catey Shaw

Catey Shaw is a beauty from Virgina Beach currently taking on Los Angeles, California in pursuit of her dreams. She’s a singer/songwriter who quickly had to develop thick skin and used some early career bumps in the road as fuel to discovering her true self and taking no shit in the process.  Catey is gorgeous and her physical beauty is only surpassed by the brilliance of her voice, she’s an absolute powerhouse.

We connected with Catey to ask about her catchy song ‘Lovesick Jerk’ her career so far, and what she has in store for fans in the future.

Catey, we read up on your journey through music so far and it seems that staying true to yourself is really important to you, when do you feel like you really broke free to embrace yourself fully?

It’s funny, I feel like I’m breaking free all of the time. To me, every day is part of my journey to realizing my truest self. I definitely have some landmark moments, where I took big strides in that path- a major one being my move first to NYC, then more specifically to Brooklyn (hence the Brooklyn EP). One thing that I’m certain of is that it takes a leap of faith; it takes real fear and real bravery to embrace your true self. I’m getting better again and again and I hope to never stop.

You’ve dealt with some negativity and only come out stronger because of it, what advice do you have for other young women who face adversity or even unwarranted hate especially online?

I’d like to say that I just brushed it off and laughed about it, but the truth is it takes a long time to get to that place. I’m only human and an especially emotional human at that. The big issue, and important thing to remember with opinions on the internet is that the person saying it doesn’t have to worry about hurting others. Typing into a screen doesn’t involve the icky feeling of seeing someone hurt by your words. So keeping that in mind, repeating that to myself really helped me get through it. The brave ones are those who share themselves. The cowards will sit behind a screen.

Your newest single Lovesick Jerk is so catchy, we love it! What was writing that specific song like for you?

Lovesick Jerk was a blast to write. My partner, Jay Levine, and I love to start with a concept or line and then figure out what that means or how it could be a song. The somewhat silly title, “Lovesick Jerk” was the jumping off point, or inspiration for the whole thing. Simpler lyrics that are straight to the point are actually a lot harder to write than metaphors sometimes, but the playful production of the song made it a bit easier.

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You’re open about your sexuality and say it’s done a lot of good for inspiration for your music. A lot of young adults struggle with coming out or self-acceptance – is that something you ever dealt with yourself, and if so did it reflect in your music?

The thing is, everyone deals with self-acceptance, whether they like to admit it or not. It’s part of being a person. With young people who are coming to terms with, or discovering their sexuality that self-acceptance gets another layer of difficulty. For me, coming out was more difficult in my mind than in practice. It’s the build up that sucked the most. Clichés are usually cliché for a reason- and the truth really will set you free. Being bisexual has definitely leant me some insight in songwriting because I know through experience what all relationships, gay and straight, have in common (which is more than you’d think). Again, cliché, love is love.

What is your go-to song at the moment?

I was just in Jamaica for my sister’s wedding and this song “Tom Cruise” by Don André was playing everywhere and it is my new jam. The dance is pure gold too.

Where is the most unique place you’ve received inspiration from when it comes to writing music?

I don’t know, I think that people have this idea that artists have these mad moments where a light bulb goes off and they frantically record their inspired thought before it runs away. And yeah, there are good ideas that just pop in your head and you absolutely have to write them down or they will be quickly forgotten. But the truth is that songwriting takes a lot of work. I have an ongoing list of titles in my phone and majority of them will never see the light of day. It’s really just about having an openness to all ideas, good and bad. And then when you have a title, figuring out what it means and then seeing it through. There’s no way of knowing if it’s a good or bad idea until the song is written.

Where can new fans go to follow you on social media?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat- I’m searchable everywhere as cateyshaw.

What do you have in store for us for the rest of 2016?

I’m going to be doing a ton of writing for stuff that will come out early next year, and between now and then I’ll just be promoting my music that’s released! Follow me on socials for updates, performances and more. :)

Catey is definitely a name you want to remember, and we’re sure you’ll see more of her on CelebMix as well!  While you wait for her new music, don’t forget to take a listen to ‘Lovesick Jerk‘ – it’s perfect for your summer playlist.

Written by Ashley

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