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CelebMix chats with Will von Bolton about Loophole to Happiness

Will von Bolton is an experienced tour photographer turned author, who will be releasing his book Loophole to Happiness on January 1.

In his capacity as a tour photographer, Will has worked with the likes of R5, Bowling For Soop, Leon Bridges and more. Documenting people from all walks of life, Will’s experience as a photographer has given him a unique perspective when it comes to observing human behaviour.

Alongside this, Will has been writing for a number of years. Having spent eight years working on the concept of an operating system for the mind, Loophole to Happiness was born. Made up of quotes reacting to the spectrum of being human, the book has been endorsed by Daren Martin and R5’s Ross Lynch.

Keen to find out more, we recently had the opportunity to send Will some questions about Loophole to Happiness. Here’s what he had to say.

Can you tell us about your new book, Loophole to Happiness?

Loophole to Happiness is a 585 word, operating system for your mind. I wanted to develop a ‘philosophy’ that can be read in 10 minutes. 

You’re known for being a tour photographer first and foremost, so how did that inspire you to channel your energy into creating a book?

Being a tour photographer took me all over the world and exposed me to many people and ways of life. Conversations along the way helped channel the observations into lessons I found useful in my own life. 


What is it about human behaviour which intrigues you the most?

I am intrigued with the reaction to events not going as planned. Also, why are people so magnetic, how people respond to celebrity, music, life?

The book is made up of a series of quotes. How did you decide on this format?

A good friend, Peter Katz, mentioned in a conversation to always be ‘positive, comfortable and aware’ when you enter a room.  These few words changed the way I walked into a room… and had the realization that if one quote like this can change a life, a collection can reprogram one…. just like a computer. The metaphor of a computer is perfect to organize a philosophy. 

Is there a particular quote from the book which stands out for you?

The first that comes to mind is ‘Expect nothing, Except everything’… expectation is the root of heartache. 

Also, “Pursue Potential’…  this fuels me everyday to pursue the potential of these ideas. 

What do you hope that people will take away from Loophole to Happiness?

Developing Loophole to Happiness has helped in all areas of my life, and is fulfilling when it help others, in any way. 

The book is endorsed by Daren Martin and Ross Lynch from R5. Did either of them inspire you during the creative process?

I toured with Ross Lynch / R5 for 3 of the 8 years writing Loophole to Happiness.  We had incredible conversations, and developing a friendship with such a unique person in a unique situation, gave me the opportunity to study human behavior all over the world. 

I was introduced to author Daren Martin as I was planning to publish the book. We became fast friends and he connected me with his publishing and distribution companies. Also, having a Phd. in Psychology, his perspective became a pillar of my confidence, calling Loophole to Happiness, the ‘e=mc2 of happiness.’ 

Who else inspires you?

My parents, each in their own way. 

Also, one of my closest friends is painter, Matthew Brinston. After years of hanging out and traveling the country, we still walk away from our conversations improved. 

With your photography, you’ve worked with the likes of R5, Bowling for Soup, Leon Bridges, and Gary Clark Jr. Can you tell us some of your favourite shoots from over the years?

I was the first photographer to shoot Leon Bridges. We met when he was going by the stage name, Lost Soul Child. I wanted to keep all 1,400 pictures from the shoot, and that night I designed the first poster for him using the name Leon Bridges. 

What can we expect from you during 2018?

I am continuously working on more books and a movie. The next book is ‘Innerspace Development,’ a rebranding of meditation, using visual exercises and instruction to articulate concepts. 

Thank you to Will von Bolton for his time. For more information on Loophole to Happiness or to pre-order the book, click here. You can also follow Will’s journey on his personal Instagram and the Loophole to Happiness Instagram.

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