CelebMix Chats with Bill and Giuliana Rancic about National Pasta Month

October is a month full of some of the best things in life; the weather starts getting cool, beautiful colors appear on the leaves of trees, pumpkin spice lattes make their return to Starbucks and National Pasta Month is celebrated. Pasta is a favorite meal among many and there are many ways to cook, eat, and celebrate it; both as a meal and a sign of togetherness.  Bill and Giuliana Rancic know how important this month is but not just for the noodles, meal time for the Rancic’s is important because it’s about family, friends, and coming together.

One word that came up a lot in our interview was ‘Mangia’ which is the experience of eating, not just the quick act, and after researching it – we’ve made it a part of our own lives too. In addition to Mangia, we got to speak to Bill and Giuliana about pasta month, some of their favorite recipes, eating as a family and how it begins with meal preparation, and also a bit about Giuliana’s new line of wine.

After speaking with Bill and Giuliana, one wants to pay more attention to meal time; the pair are very much in love with one another, but also with Giuliana’s heritage and bringing her Italian way of eating into their family home. Meal time for the Rancic’s isn’t just a quick dinner during the evening, it’s not one person eating on the sofa watching television and another at the table looking at a phone. Meal time, especially pasta night, is a celebration, and we’d love to be invited to their dinner table!

While pasta month may be over, there’s no time like the now to invite Mangia into your own homes and lives and try out some delicious recipes in the mean time.  You can visit Bertolli Mangia for more information and then Tweet us at CelebMix and let us know what you tried.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.