CelebMix Chats with Country Music Sweetheart Sarah Darling

Sometimes, you’re driving in the car or hanging out with your friends and you hear a song that immediately stands out in your mind. Not just for the lyrics or the story behind the song; but for the voice of the artist singing it. That is the case with Sarah Darling, country music’s sweetheart, and she absolutely radiates talent and passion.

From one of her most popular songs ‘Home to Me’, which she says means a great deal to her due to her relationship with her husband, to new song ‘Starry Eyes’ from her just released album Dream Country – her music makes you feel good, appreciate love, and even believe in magic again.

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It’s hard not to be inspired when you’re listening to Sarah Darling, or when you’re looking at her social media profiles. She truly lives life like every single day is a gift and it’s easy to want to be more like her. She doesn’t just motivate people through her music, she does it with her spirit and her heart.

We were lucky enough to get to speak to Sarah Darling about some of her personal inspirations, what songs mean the most to her, and where we can find out more about her incredible 2017. You won’t want to miss out on it.

Let’s start off with a New Years related question; what is the best resolution you’ve ever kept and what is the best you never kept?
I’ve started this New Year’s resolution to practice my guitar for an hour every day, which I’ve actually kept up! I would say the best resolution I never kept was not eating dairy. I seriously love cheese so much!

‘Home to Me’ is one of my personal favorite songs, it was also a smash for you! Is it a song you connect to personally?
This track really changed my life. My husband I dated long distance for several years before we tied the knot. This song always make me think of us, and all of the traveling we use to do to meet up. Home is where the heart is always!

What has been your favorite song to write up to this point, released and not released?
I have a track called “Halley’s Comet” that’s releasing on my brand new album 2/10. It’s this sweet song about finding your place to shine in the big world. It has this dreaming under the big sky vibes, which is totally me. I adore all the beautiful string arrangements on it too.

What is it about music that made it your passion? Was it something you all wanted to be part of or did some song, musician, etc inspire you?
That’s such an interesting question. I started singing around 4 years old. It’s all I really remember doing, and part of my being now. I do remember a distinct moment when I saw Shania Twain for the first time, that it changed my life. I knew I wanted to do what she was doing! She inspired so many females.

Where has been your favorite place so far to tour? Where have you not yet been that you’d like to go?
A couple months ago I got to tour England which was fun for the experience! My bucket list is playing Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado! I feel like anywhere out West US inspires me so much. Take me to wine country.

What is your current guilty pleasure song?
John Mayer “Love on the Weekend.” I can’t get it out of my head.

Let’s talk collaborations; What artist and songwriter would you most like to work with in the future?
I have this dream of collaborating with Chris Martin. I think we would write an amazing song about stars!

Describe what you anticipate from 2017 to your new fans in 3 words.
See The World!

If you could tell your fans anything about yourself, what would it be?
I love to travel! I dream about getting to tour all over the world. My happy place is Jackson Hole Wyoming. There’s something magical about being by the mountains.

Where can our readers go to find out more about you?
You can find out a lot about me from my Instagram pictures. I post a lot about stars and French Macarons! Also heading to my website for all the upcoming tour dates and fun updates.

What is your favorite song off of Sarah’s new album? Tweet us and let us know, and keep up with us to find out updates and more interesting information on Sarah as the year progresses. She’s an artist to watch.

Written by Ashley

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