CelebMix chats with Karen Wilcher from the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

The holiday season is upon us and many American’s are currently in their kitchens putting together their perfect recipes for their Thanksgiving feasts. From turkey and dressing to cranberry sauce (we’ve still not been brave enough to try it) and about 7 different casseroles – there are baking dishes, plates, bowls, and pans full of food all about one’s kitchen on Thanksgiving, and a large family and group of friends are always present too.

For weeks you’ve probably been seeing celebrity Thanksgiving recipes online and in magazines and while some of their dishes seem impossible to make, there is an easy way to bring some order to your holiday.  We took some time to chat with Karen Wilcher from the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line and put together an interview to bring you some tips and tricks to perfect that celebrity turkey recipe you just have to try or the one your mom made when you were growing up that you’re dying to perfect.

Oh, and the best part about making your Thanksgiving turkey recipe flawless? You can get help via text, and we all know our phones are rarely out of our hands, so this process is even more simplified than ever.

After learning about the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line  we know we’ll be asking about both Gwenyth Paltrow and Tori Spelling’s Turkey recipes – they look incredible.  Which celebrity or home grown recipes are you trying this year, any that you’ve seen too late that are already on your menu for next Thanksgiving? Tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know.


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.