CelebMix Chats with the ‘Netflix of Giving’ Gift Advisor

Christmas is quickly approaching and no amount of pre-planning ever seems to prevent that last minute dash to make sure you’ve crossed everyone off of your ‘gifting list’. Some people are easy to shop for, some are more complicated, and some make the entire gift giving experience seem impossible. When it comes to making sure you’ve got everything crossed off your list this year, there’s no better place to visit than Gift Advisor; the ‘Netflix of giving’.

From music and entertainment to household items and everything a pop-culture fan could dream of, Gift Advisor can help you put together the perfect gift for the easiest, or hardest, person to shop for on your list.  The way the website works is easy, and exciting, as you plug in a bit of information and a list is created right in front of you. These lists are compiled by your own responses to questions asked as well as input from other people making similar searches to your own.

If you’re still stuck, the homepage for Gift Advisor is easier to navigate than ever as it breaks down who you may be shopping for by category. It truly is the most user-friendly surface and you can use it for more occasions than just Christmas.

We spoke with Dana Holmes about what gifts to get the pop-culture lover in your world and she made a great point; if you’re unaware of what to get the people in your life, give them something from your own heart, something you can share with them.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.