CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Fifth Harmony Edition

Continuing with our daily gift guide series, we are now bringing you the best gifts for fans of Fifth Harmony! If you’ve got a dedicated Harmonizer in your life, we promise these gifts will be “Worth It”.



Celebmix Christmas Gift Guide: Fifth Harmony Edition 1

What: Reflection on Vinyl

Where: Urban Outfitters

How much: $29.98 (not including tax or shipping)

Why: Record players and vinyl records has made a huge comeback over the past year or two. When a new album is released, a vinyl version of that album is sure to release shortly after. Already assuming your die-hard Harmonizer has the Reflection album on iTunes or on a cd, why not let them experience this incredible debut album through the sounds of a record player? Just having a physical copy of their album is sure to put a smile on a 5H stan’s face but a vinyl makes it even more unique.



Celebmix Christmas Gift Guide: Fifth Harmony Edition 2

What: Merch tees

Where: Etsy

How much: $15.99+

Why: Merch tees that don’t exactly plaster the artist all over them is the perfect yet subtle way of showing off your fandom. Etsy has a lot of variety. Our fave pics are the classic jersey style shirts, they have the artist’s last name along with the year they were born. Another nice choice is the “LOL, you’re not (insert member’s name)” shirt.



Celebmix Christmas Gift Guide: Fifth Harmony Edition 3

What: phone cases/laptop skins

Where: RedBubble or RedBubble

How much: $27.00+

Why: Another cute way to let your Harmonizer represent their fandom is through their electronic devices! Lots of creative designs can be found on RedBubble that will make any Fifth Harmony lover’s Christmas the best yet.

A laptop skin can also be a cool alternative gift idea:

Celebmix Christmas Gift Guide: Fifth Harmony Edition 4

Where: RedBubble

How much: $25.00




Celebmix Christmas Gift Guide: Fifth Harmony Edition 6

What: Fifth Harmony’s Clothing Line with Candie’s Brand

Where: Candie’s only at Kohl’s

How Much: $16.00-$74.99

Why: Who wouldn’t want to dress as their idols?! Adding some clothes off 5H’s collab with Candie’s would be an amazing addition to a Fifth Harmony lover’s holiday. Is their fave Camila? Get them something off of Camila’s personalized selection. Is their fave Ally? She has a personalized set too! Each girl has one so whoever’s style your Harmonizer connects with the most, there’s a gift choice just waiting to be wrapped up.



Celebmix Christmas Gift Guide: Fifth Harmony Edition 7

What: Fifth Harmony Barbie Dolls

Where: Mattel

How Much: $18.99

Why: Even if you have outgrown the age to still play with dolls you have to admit, having your sunshine in doll form would be pretty darn cool! That’s why giving a Fifth Harmony Barbie Doll of their fave member to a Fifth Harmony fan this Christmas would make you gift giver of the year! Extra points if you give them all 5 dolls!


So that’s it, folks! Our quick and simple gift guide of Christmas gifts for a Fifth Harmony fan. Most of these gifts work for both a male and female fan. Being a huge Harmonizer myself, I know if I received any of these gifts my little Harmonizer heart would not be able to contain itself. Of course the ultimate gift for ANY fan would be getting tickets and/or meet and greets to see them! That’s not the easiest route but we promise these gifts are so worth it and would have any Fifth Harmony member feeling like a “Boss”!

Have any other gift ideas for a Fifth Harmony fan that we missed? Tweet us at @CelebMix or comment below!

Written by CelebMix